Home made DSLR



Whenever our boys misbehave, we used to borrow some of the police forces to deter them from being bad to worse…

For e.g. “if you don’t behave yourselves, Papa and Mommy would take pictures of you and send them to the police officers so that they can teach you a thing or two in the jail”.

Well, that method really did worked for some time… “some” time only 🙂 Then we knew that if we say things just to scare them, kids would tell when you really mean it or you are just pulling their legs.. So, we learnt our lessons to always keep our promise and mean/do what we say…

Anyway, here you go, home-made DSLR… to hopefully trigger some interest in your kids’ love for photography and for them to play pretend (to report any findings to the police perhaps :))

Have fun…

Papa “BlackDevil”


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