“Art piece for Daddy, Aunt and Myself”…

Our boy has always loved something physical and the sword can keep him occupied for most of the time…. So, during some transition period (e.g. waiting for food) OR run out of idea what to keep him busy OR simply letting him use up his extra energy, SAHM made him one… 🙂

The Magnum stick which resembles Mickey, is actually a bookmark for ME (his daddy).. I’ve been starting to read some books and told my wife I would love to have something to remind me of them.. So my present for Father’s Day! Yay! 🙂 {Thanks Dear…}

Lastly, the printed flower (the stamp is actually made of Bak Choy or in Cantonese “Siu Bak Choy”)… This is gift for his Aunt as Mother’s Day gift….

There you go… a little bit of something for everyone …


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