Parent’s Day & Birthday Celebration

Last weekend, the boys’ grandparents visited us and they prepared some gifts and banana cupcakes to show their love for them. It was really a memorable day at Starbucks where all of us met up and presented the gifts to them.

Hope they would love them and use the gifts in their daily lives. Grandpa actually commended the taste of the cupcake as it was not too sweet.

Well done Mommy!

P/S: there goes another cupcake for my bro, the boys’ uncle. 😊

Banana Cupcake recipe:

If interested, please leave a comment here. Too long for the blog. 😊

Book Mark ingredients:

Tongue depressors (can get from shop which sell medical equipment & appliances/ pharmacy, I got it at RM5.50/ 100pcs)

Mickey & Minnie are made of Felt

Colourful stones from DIY shop

White glue, thread, needle 


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