Plastic Spoon Dragonfly


This is one of the gifts that HY has made for his teachers on Super Fun Day (that’s what they call it when they have a day dedicated for… well, FUN!). Every Fun Day is celebrated with a theme and tomorrow is the Super Fun Day (Teachers’ Day).. So this is a little token of appreciation for his beloved teachers… 🙂


  1. Ice Cream Sticks
  2. Spoons from fast food restaurant
  3. Decorative stones
  4. White Glue
  5. Eyes for the dragonfly

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3 thoughts on “Plastic Spoon Dragonfly

  1. Oh wow you guys are so creative lahh! Where do you get time to make this stuff? I’m always on the lookout for craft for kindy kids cos I teach Sabbath school for kids at church (like Sunday school type thing).


    1. I wonder how my Wife made it too sometimes. That why I’m so amazed and created this blog.
      Anyway I Guess she gets her inspiration from other mommies or art school in FB.

      So u are a teacher eh. It must be really rewarding interacting with kids eh? Keep up the good work too…

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