JMC2 Concert Souvenirs 

In Yamaha Junior Music Courses (JMC Primary 2 to be specific for children aged 4-5 years old), there would be a concert by the little boys and girls to perform what they have learnt for the whole term. I think this is such a great opportunity for the students to showcase their newly acquired skills, to feel appreciated and encouraged to do better, mastering their performance skills (or least be exposed to stage performance), etc. 

At the end of the concert would be Parents Teacher Meeting. One thing that the teacher said about learning Music is letting our child learn another universal “language”, which I fully agree. She also mention how powerful and sensitive the hearing sense of the children of this age, which we should capitalise on now.

So as a parent, I think Yamaha JMC class is something worth investing in (I was previously from the ABRSM education system and I notice the focus is rather different).

Hey, let’s come back to the art work our boy had done with his Mommy! 😊

After every concert there would be a gift exchange session and for this term, HY decided to give an extra something to all his friends and beloved teacher. So here you go, “musical instruments”. 👏🎊🎉

Materials used:

  1. Ice Cream Stick
  2. Decorative Stones
  3. Glittery Glue
  4. Felt
  5. Cotton Buds
  6. White Glue
  7. Colored Wire
  8. Small wrappers



3 thoughts on “JMC2 Concert Souvenirs 

  1. Sorry it’s like I’m posting so many comments haha. But I LOVE this! Gives me so many ideas! I actually did JMC all the way to JSAC back when I was young – would have loved for my son to do it but we are living in Adelaide now and nothing like that here! So maybe I have to teach him myself…

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  2. Oh another JMC fan. 😊 Yes you should teach your children then. It’s never too late start.

    Anyway Tx a lot for your comments. We really do appreciate it.


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