Magnetic Birthday Card for Ah Ma

Come early June is the 65th birthday of my Mother a.k.a. the Kids’ Ah Ma… Since their Ah Ma stays quite a distance from us, about 300 km away and we couldn’t be with her for the celebration, we decided to send something to her instead. 

So I recommended to make Ah Ma a birthday card and send her by post. Then since Mother loves to stick pictures and souvenirs on the fridge, Mommy made a magnetic card with the boys from recycled stuffs. 

One funny thing happened when our eldest boy HY wrote the names of all the children. We expected him to write at least the given name in full but instead he wrote the abbreviated version in a flash before we could even finish our instruction to him 😅. 

Anyway, materials used for the home made card:

  1. Ice cream sticks, water colour (for finger prints on the ice cream sticks)
  2. Felt cloth (for the cake)
  3. Foam paper (happy bday alphabets)
  4. Decorative stones
  5. White & hot glue
  6. Beads & fine wire (dragonfly) 


One thought on “Magnetic Birthday Card for Ah Ma

  1. I estimated quite a big space for the boy to write the names but he was fast enough to write down the abbreviation 😂


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