Busyboard a.k.a Mini Restaurant

Finally got our very own busy board on a wooden board (chopping board to be precise). After consolidating some ideas from the Internet, did some shopping at some value buy shops, we finally got it up and running.

Well, we have some unused materials chucked in our tool box for way too long. So we decided to mount them on the board like the electrical circuit breaker which has been there since we first occupy our house. They were actually some spares after changing out the original ones. We also got a set of “gears” from the formula milk we buy (free gift).  In addition, some ping pong balls and toilet roll tubes. Lastly, a medicine box which has already turned into their toy long ago.

So why mini restaurant? Firstly, the boys already have a “masak-masak” set and they love to mimic the waiters at restaurants taking order. So we came out with a story / procedure how this whole board is played.

  1. “Customers” (normally myself or Mommy) need to unlock the latches to enter the restaurant. Get the keys from the medicine box.
  2. They would press the wireless door bell when they enter. Note that the bell is mobile and we actually turn it into a hide and seek game for them (best part of the game for them).
  3. Treat the ball as raw ingredients that would be cooked when pass through the toilet roll tube.
  4. When the cooking starts, the gears would start spinning. Electrical circuit breakers would be manually turned on.
  5. Roll the ball into the toilet roll tube (acts as the oven or toaster)
  6. Once the gear stops spinning and breaker is off (done manually), food is ready!
  7. At the end, calculate the total bill with the calculator.

After observing them for some time, we notice there are actually some plus points in their development

  • Fine motor skills (unlock and lock padlocks, ok off the breakers)
  • Hearing skills (hide and seek game for the bell)
  • Bonding (especially when one has to press the switch and one to look to the bell)
  • Hopefully Mathematics with the calculator.
  • Pretend play as waiters

All in all, this board is worth spending some time working on it. 😊 great job Mommy!


DIY Watch

Since my eldest boy was 3 years old, he has been asking for my watch when we go for any outing / “Kai Kai”. It seems like watch has become one of the must have accessories when we go out. So whatever clothes or accessories that fall in the Kai Kai clothes category would get them excited to wear.

Since they have been asking for a watch and they don’t really know how to tell the time yet (Koko is learning to tell the time now), Mommy decided to make one for each of them and nowadays these watches have been a must-wear that goes along with their Kai Kai clothes.

Materials used:

  1. Velcro
  2. Polka Cloth
  3. Felt cloth
  4. Brads
  5. Needle & threads

Mini Household Chores Cardboard 

Mommy has been browsing through the Internet for ideas on “busy boards” (a board to keep the toddlers busy a.k.a sensory board) and surprisingly, there were tonnes of design for kids (and parents alike) to explore… Some even have it for sale…

So after some time, we also come out with our version of busy board and for this round, we used a cardboard instead of the wooden plank as a start.. the one with wooden plank is still under construction…

Well the theme of this board is on household chores (hanging clothes, keeping clothes in the correct place, tying shoelace – to develop fine motor skills…) Great job there Mommy!

Materials used:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Cable tie
  3. Shoelace
  4. Pegs
  5. Velcro for the curtain
  6. Recycled cloth for the clothes and scarf
  7. Recycled ribbons/ lace/ cloth for the curtain

The finished product & some in progress pics for sharing…

Photo 20-6-16, 23 19 11.jpg

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Weekend of Lego 

It has been a busy weekend for both for us parents and we were thinking what can keep the boys occupied for at least an hour or more… 

Surprisingly, last weekend something triggered the 2 boys’ interest… It’s none other than the Lego set they already have lying in the room for months… Was it the Legoland visit we had in May or was it because they have grown up and Lego could satisfy their curiosity/ imagination?

Anyway, the result was…. Lego did keep them occupied for the whole morning (about 2 hours and still asking for it after lunch) !! They also coordinated well in building a small town for themselves (fire station, windmill house, AEON shopping mall the way they imagine it 😊, Starbucks – in the making, fencing/fort/protection for the small town…)

Here you go, some of their masterpiece with some help from daddy of course 😊

Morning Walk / Discovery @ Nearby Park

Like every Sunday mornings, we would normally plan an outing to a nearby park for exercise, bonding and to fully utilize all the extra energy in the boys.. 🙂

Last weekend, we’ve been to Adda Heights after a heavy rainfall in the wee hours and found out that the playground was too muddy for the kids to play and the walkway was a bit too slippery for them to run… So, it was quite a disappointing “surprise” for them but we found out something instead… There was a small pool of water beside the footpath… The first look at it was like “Hey, this looks like the secret passage way to some Neverland if I step into it..” Upon closer look, we found out that there were plenty of tadpoles swimming around in that pool…

So, here goes the “Teacher” of the day and the worrisome students (worried something may surface from the pool of water and swallow them!! – Just kidding.. ^_^)


School Holidays Art Pieces

Two weeks of holidays for the 2 boys felt like eternity for our SAHM… With ideas almost running out (Play Doh, Lego, Swimming Pool, Revision for the elder one, Puzzles, Cartoons, Playground, Gardening, Practise Piano…) art work for the boys is always in the agenda…

To make things a bit sweeter, our SAHM has combined some of the elements in the activities above… Mixing mother nature, recycled stuffs and art work (Pasting leaves on the paper, ladies’ fingers used as stamps) was so much fun for the boys…

Materials used:

  1. Recycled magazine
  2. Tree leaves
  3. Okra (Ladies’ Finger)
  4. Drawing Paper
  5. White Glue
  6. AMOS Crayon

Plaited Tree

Okra Printing Sunflower Garden

Christmas Tree


Da Vinci in the making…. 🙂




“Favourite Fish” for Ah Po’s Birthday

Ah Po (maternal Grandma) loves to joke with the boys, asking them to cook her a meal. The boys always giggle & say “I don’t know how to cook, I’m so short.. I can’t cook!”

So we decided to make a little something for her and surprise her on her birthday!  (The month of June is full of memorable dates 😊). By the way, why fish? Ah Po always steam white pomfret for the boys and they claim that is their favourite fish!!

Materials used:

  1. Colour paper
  2. Magazine (cut into strips to make the “fish” plaits)
  3. Fruit’s sleeve net
  4. Decorative stones
  5. AMOS crayon (for the vegetables)
  6. Brush & water
  7. White glue
  8. Button (for the fish eyes)