“Favourite Fish” for Ah Po’s Birthday

Ah Po (maternal Grandma) loves to joke with the boys, asking them to cook her a meal. The boys always giggle & say “I don’t know how to cook, I’m so short.. I can’t cook!”

So we decided to make a little something for her and surprise her on her birthday!  (The month of June is full of memorable dates 😊). By the way, why fish? Ah Po always steam white pomfret for the boys and they claim that is their favourite fish!!

Materials used:

  1. Colour paper
  2. Magazine (cut into strips to make the “fish” plaits)
  3. Fruit’s sleeve net
  4. Decorative stones
  5. AMOS crayon (for the vegetables)
  6. Brush & water
  7. White glue
  8. Button (for the fish eyes)

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