School Holidays Art Pieces

Two weeks of holidays for the 2 boys felt like eternity for our SAHM… With ideas almost running out (Play Doh, Lego, Swimming Pool, Revision for the elder one, Puzzles, Cartoons, Playground, Gardening, Practise Piano…) art work for the boys is always in the agenda…

To make things a bit sweeter, our SAHM has combined some of the elements in the activities above… Mixing mother nature, recycled stuffs and art work (Pasting leaves on the paper, ladies’ fingers used as stamps) was so much fun for the boys…

Materials used:

  1. Recycled magazine
  2. Tree leaves
  3. Okra (Ladies’ Finger)
  4. Drawing Paper
  5. White Glue
  6. AMOS Crayon

Plaited Tree

Okra Printing Sunflower Garden

Christmas Tree


Da Vinci in the making…. 🙂





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