Morning Walk / Discovery @ Nearby Park

Like every Sunday mornings, we would normally plan an outing to a nearby park for exercise, bonding and to fully utilize all the extra energy in the boys.. 🙂

Last weekend, we’ve been to Adda Heights after a heavy rainfall in the wee hours and found out that the playground was too muddy for the kids to play and the walkway was a bit too slippery for them to run… So, it was quite a disappointing “surprise” for them but we found out something instead… There was a small pool of water beside the footpath… The first look at it was like “Hey, this looks like the secret passage way to some Neverland if I step into it..” Upon closer look, we found out that there were plenty of tadpoles swimming around in that pool…

So, here goes the “Teacher” of the day and the worrisome students (worried something may surface from the pool of water and swallow them!! – Just kidding.. ^_^)



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