Weekend of Lego 

It has been a busy weekend for both for us parents and we were thinking what can keep the boys occupied for at least an hour or more…

Surprisingly, last weekend something triggered the 2 boys’ interest… It’s none other than the Lego set they already have lying in the room for months… Was it the Legoland visit we had in May or was it because they have grown up and Lego could satisfy their curiosity/ imagination?

Anyway, the result was…. Lego did keep them occupied for the whole morning (about 2 hours and still asking for it after lunch) !! They also coordinated well in building a small town for themselves (fire station, windmill house, AEON shopping mall the way they imagine it 😊, Starbucks – in the making, fencing/fort/protection for the small town…)

Here you go, some of their masterpiece with some help from daddy of course 😊


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