Mini Household Chores Cardboard 

Mommy has been browsing through the Internet for ideas on “busy boards” (a board to keep the toddlers busy a.k.a sensory board) and surprisingly, there were tonnes of design for kids (and parents alike) to explore… Some even have it for sale…

So after some time, we also come out with our version of busy board and for this round, we used a cardboard instead of the wooden plank as a start.. the one with wooden plank is still under construction…

Well the theme of this board is on household chores (hanging clothes, keeping clothes in the correct place, tying shoelace – to develop fine motor skills…) Great job there Mommy!

Materials used:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Cable tie
  3. Shoelace
  4. Pegs
  5. Velcro for the curtain
  6. Recycled cloth for the clothes and scarf
  7. Recycled ribbons/ lace/ cloth for the curtain

The finished product & some in progress pics for sharing…

Photo 20-6-16, 23 19 11.jpg

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