Busyboard a.k.a Mini Restaurant

Finally got our very own busy board on a wooden board (chopping board to be precise). After consolidating some ideas from the Internet, did some shopping at some value buy shops, we finally got it up and running.

Well, we have some unused materials chucked in our tool box for way too long. So we decided to mount them on the board like the electrical circuit breaker which has been there since we first occupy our house. They were actually some spares after changing out the original ones. We also got a set of “gears” from the formula milk we buy (free gift).  In addition, some ping pong balls and toilet roll tubes. Lastly, a medicine box which has already turned into their toy long ago.

So why mini restaurant? Firstly, the boys already have a “masak-masak” set and they love to mimic the waiters at restaurants taking order. So we came out with a story / procedure how this whole board is played.

  1. “Customers” (normally myself or Mommy) need to unlock the latches to enter the restaurant. Get the keys from the medicine box.
  2. They would press the wireless door bell when they enter. Note that the bell is mobile and we actually turn it into a hide and seek game for them (best part of the game for them).
  3. Treat the ball as raw ingredients that would be cooked when pass through the toilet roll tube.
  4. When the cooking starts, the gears would start spinning. Electrical circuit breakers would be manually turned on.
  5. Roll the ball into the toilet roll tube (acts as the oven or toaster)
  6. Once the gear stops spinning and breaker is off (done manually), food is ready!
  7. At the end, calculate the total bill with the calculator.

After observing them for some time, we notice there are actually some plus points in their development

  • Fine motor skills (unlock and lock padlocks, ok off the breakers)
  • Hearing skills (hide and seek game for the bell)
  • Bonding (especially when one has to press the switch and one to look to the bell)
  • Hopefully Mathematics with the calculator.
  • Pretend play as waiters

All in all, this board is worth spending some time working on it. 😊 great job Mommy!


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