“Happy Birthday Ah Kong”

Mommy has been cracking her head on what to give my Dad a meaningful present from the kids. After years of trying to find the suitable one and we notice something sentimental do resonate with dad.. 😬

So we decided to decorate a photo frame (from IKEA) and display the most meaningful photo for him in it (his grandchildren and his Son – that’s me!! 😄). To add some toppings to the whole idea, all the words (huge ones of course) are handwritten by his eldest grandson and the artwork pasted by his younger Brother, i.e. My sons 😊

Rear View
Front View


It’s PlayDoh Time….

When mommy says, “let’s have fun with PlayDoh this evening!”… one would notice the board smiles on the boys and out of a sudden, they would turn into “super obedient” boys…

So, here are some samples which mommy spent the evening playing with them… to keep their imaginative / creative minds awake…


Minion & Totoro Lantern

Today is the first day of the 8th month of lunar calendar and I guess is the only month the kids would get the special pass to playgrounds… at night 🙂

So, we went to Mr DIY and got ourselves some stuff for the none other than the Mid Autumn Festival / Moon cake festival / Lantern festival (depending on what means the most to you…). Since yesterday was the National Day of Malaysia, the kids get to work on these piece of art work at home with mommy…

Lanterns from Mr DIY shop

With the help of some color papers, Bancho water color, white gule and some glitters (around the Minion eyes), they are all set for the night stroll to the playground… 🙂