👻😈🤖Halloween Party 😱👽💀

“Boo!!!”, “WoOoo…”, “…howling wind sound effects …” bring some of the special spine chilling effects to kids, especially my eldest son😂.. Actually, when I was a kid, I hated this festival as it brings nothing but fear and unpleasant surprises. Until the day we visited Legoland’s Brick or Treat Halloween Party last week, I finally have a good feeling of it… When the party almost came to an end, I started questioning… “When is the next Halloween Party? 😄”

The Preparation

So in order to join in the fun, Mommy has of course prepared some props for the kids… Well, plain cape and devil’s fork (pitch fork a.k.a trident) were bought from Daiso years ago… Mommy decorated the cape with glittering pumpkins, bats and spiders… To add in to the fun, Mommy also prepared Batman’s mask for the boys and also her version of Jack-O’-Lantern made from food container + color papers + fruit wrappers (for pears) and LED lights from Mr. DIY shop…

The Party 

We actually went to Legoland twice because in the first round, we didn’t manage to finish the Halloween Trail.. Oh ya, let me explain further. On every Friday and Saturday of the Halloween months (Sept and Oct, 4-9pm) every kid would receive a Legoland map (with the Halloween Trail). The trail encompasses Lego KINGDOM and Lego TECHNIC areas only and all rides here would operate until 830pm. There were 10 booths along the trail and this was where the “Brick-Or-Treat” was brought to live. So you either part with your bricks and receive a treat from the Monsters like mummy, zombie bride, wizard, etc.  OR you can keep your 10 pcs of bricks (which u receive at booth no. 1). Every booth was sponsored by reputable companies like Milo, Premier, Julie’s, Steadler, Canon,Ribena and so on… and the “Treats” ranged from pencil box, color pencils, tissue packs, sweets, etc. Of course before we start the trail, we took a pic at the Miniland (please pardon the cape worn the other way round just for this picture to show the “creepy crawlies”)…

So the highlight of the day was the Monster’s Catcher show at the castle in he kingdom. All kids were seated on the floor throughout the show (except for some dances with the emcees OR kids volunteering to become mini Monster Catchers)… During our first visit to Legoland which was a Saturday, we noticed all the volunteers would get some rewards for their bravery, i.e Lego sets. Being unprepared for the first time (didn’t put on the Halloween costumes), our boys were not chosen to be the one to help to catch the monsters. So in our second trip to Legoland on a weekday, the 2 boys were all dressed up in full Halloween suit and hope to be chosen as one of the best dressed Monster!! 😄 After showing much courage of going up the stage and tried to screamed the loudest, our eldest boy got himself a small gift.. All of us were so proud of him and Mommy (for the costumes of course). Finally Mommy’s work was showcased in the public (physically 😊) for the 1st time on stage!! Bravo…

All in all, it was a great party and the boys were totally exhausted after all the running, exploring and screaming (snored till the very morning…) 😂


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