JMC 3 Souvenirs

JMC stands for Junior Music Course by Yamaha Music School. It is meant for kids aged ~ 5 years old… So, at the end of each level (this time being the 3rd time), there will be a mini concert performed by all the students.. All students need to participate in a group singing/dancing session and a percussion performance.. on top of that, every student would play 2 repertoires and to sing / dance a song by themselves… Of course, the best part of this whole event is the gift exchange…

So, as a tradition, Mommy and HY would prepare some souvenirs for his beloved teacher and friends ahead of the event.. A nice sheep inspired by a facebook post for the teacher, a collage to illustrate the 4 seasons and button bookmarks were the end products of this exercise…

The best piece of art would be the gift for his beloved teacher, Ms Ow, who has encouraged and challenged him to do better since the start of his musical journey in Yamaha…


So for the song, titles Songs of the Seasons… Mommy and HY made a collage as a prop for his sing/dance session.. Here you go, all 4 seasons at the same time.. 🙂


Last but not least, not to miss out his “fighting comrades” a.k.a his classmates, the button bookmarks….

And here is the satisfied look after few days of hardwork [of course the sweaty look is for another reason which has nothing to do with this “exercise”.. :)]



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