Rock Painting for the Year of Rooster (CNY 2017)

Chinese New Year is always the best time of the year (for the kids especially… ^_^).. and it is also a great opportunity to bring your creativity to the next level!!

This year Mommy decided to buy a pack of pebbles/stones/rocks (whatever you may call it..), which is usually used for gardening… So, before the start of this activity, the rocks were washed and dried.. Then Mommy would draw the pictures/lines for the boys to follow so that the end product would at least resemble something.. 🙂

Acrylic paint, paint brushes, recycled magazine sheets, and lastly (to make the coloring last)… clear silicone sealant… were used in this process..

So, here you go some pictures of the “artists” in action…

The end product displayed on the vase in our compound… these were the ones from the 1st trial….

And finally some for export (gifts for Grandparents.. ^_^)




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