Minifury’s Art & Craft Blog’s 1 Year Anniversary (CNY 2017 Artwork)

It’s time to pass on the baton, from Monkey to Rooster… So Mommy has transformed the “wall of fame” to suit the theme of the year with the help of the boys…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let’s start with the main actors…

Rooster a.k.a Chick @ Egglet – The boys helped in cutting and pasting.

Money Chicks – Didi’s thumb print coupled with Koko’s creativity to bring the chicks to live.


Paper Plate Chicks – With Mommy’s help, the boys helped to cut and paste.

Milo Chicks – guided by the boy’s preschool teachers…

Lastly the Firecrackers & Oranges – Didi’s Palm and Thumb print (after much persuasion) on the leaves and oranges… Koko helped to draw the outline of the oranges, leaves and firecrackers… Mommy of course made all the finishing touches…





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