Name Tag, Props, Candles, Cake, Dessert, Egg… for our 1 YO Princess

Similar to all 1 year old birthday celebrations of our kids, way advanced planning was the norm for our SAHM to make sure everything falls into place on the big day.. and of course much of her time, effort and energy were poured in..

So, apart from the most time consuming pom pom skirt in our previous post, these were the remaining items to prepare, i.e ordering of the cake, decorating the cake, buying some special candles, preparing photography props, securing the venue (thanks to our Uncle for the wonderful place), dyeing the eggs, ordering cheese tarts for dessert, steaming the chicken drum stick (thanks Mom for getting us one)… etc.

So here u go for some of the pictures of the cake deco (ribbon around the cake + name tag made of flexible wires  + special battery-powered blinking 1 YO candle beside the cake)

Subsequently, some special props to spice up the photography session… the props were mainly consist of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs (since it’s CNY anyway) + funny and meaningful dialogue boxes + smileys.. (if you have followed our blog since its birth, you may find the monkey zodiac prop very familiar… YES, you are right! It’s the one Mommy did it last year!! 😄)

Some dessert for everyone after the reunion dinner on the same day…


Lastly, our princess and SAHM with all the props in the wonderful antique-feel living room (can’t thank Uncle CH and family enough for their hospitality… 👍🏼☺️👏)



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