“The” Promegranate Tree…

Since the tree first bore its first fruit in Oct 2016, we were hoping it would live by the slogan, “Grow, Bear Fruits, Harvest, Repeat!”… now it certainly does live up to its expectation ^_^

So, here you go, some blooming flowers, the one and only pomegranate for now (used to be twins but one of them gave up)… and also the person who “nourished” this tree (details in this blog post).. btw, if you’ve not seen a pomegranate tree, it’s the tree at the back of ZY!!!

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p/s: Feel free to view the first post about this “Miraculous” tree if you have missed out on that previously.. it is so far the most meaningful tree to us and our baby, ZY…

Home Grown Pomegranate | Minifury’s Art & Craft https://minifury.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/home-grown-pomegranate/


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