Snowy Flower, Cake, Card and Clay Flower… my birthday present for this year…

Glow in the dark Snowy Flower with labels made of wires… the main theme of this year’s birthday gift from my beloved Wife, topped with a card filled with promise from my big boy + clay flower and  a nice home baked banana chocolate chip cake… such a wonderful surprise from all members of the family..

The night started with Thai food at the newly opened Wan Thai Cuisine nearby… Guess it was by far the most challenging dinner we’ve had.. imagine having Thai steamboat “mookata” with an infant, a toddler and a boy… we regretted it the moment the dish was served but at the end, it wasn’t as bad as we thought.. it tasted good and the boys like it too.. felt so blessed the kidos were considered quite well behaved 😀😇 (probably give me some face on my big day.. ^_^)

Mookata.. & Chef of the Day… 🙂

After that eventful dinner, we proceed to have a drink at our favourite Starbucks cafe near our home and celebrated my birthday…


Finally the closeup pics of the invaluable gifts… Thanks Dear…

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