Homemade SuperMario’s CHEEP CHEEP a.k.a The Fish

Come middle of this year, HY, our eldest boy, would be performing in his music school concert… of course, he’s no prodigy to be playing any pieces from Chopin or Beethoven this time (I hope he will one day though 😉) but he would be doing something more age appropriate, Dancing / Acting / Pretend Play (however you name it.. )!!

So I guess u would have known what his character would be on stage by now (with the big caption for this post)… joining his classmates with the likes of Fire Flower, Koopa Troopa, Mushroom, Coin, Star and Blooper (i.e. flower, turtle, mushroom, coin, star, squid in adult term…😂)

Well, when it comes to costume, the ultimate goal is… construct from used/recycled items with lowest cost possible… I guess at least for me, with this mindset in mind, the concert would be such a unforgettable one for the kids as well as the parents who spend all their spare time to make the costume (or at least part of it)…

So here you go, prototype no. 1 from our SAHM…still in “rigorous” test and trial stage in terms of robustness, flexibility, practicality, etc. Note: Most of the joints were hand sewn…


  • Polyfiber from used pillow
  • Cloth from old T-Shirt
  • Felt
  • Swimming cap (where the fish is hand sewn to it… can be substituted by any cap)
  • Liquid silicone glue, thread, needle



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