(Super Mario) Yamaha Annual Concert 2017

After 2 months of preparing the props, rehearsing the dance moves on every alternative weekends, the day has finally arrived for the kids to perform live on stage for Yamaha Annual Concert 2017… The prop/costume is none other than the SuperMario Cheep Cheep,  sewn to perfection by Mommy after a few rounds of feedback from HY and after a burning the mightnight oil for almost a week…

The costume is thoughtfully matched with red long sleeved shirt (with felt to mimic the tummy of the fish ^_^), long white pants (after searching high and low for it, we finally bought it in Uniqlo), yellow gloves (bought from Daiso in AEON after failing to find any at nearby school uniform shops) & white school shoes.. Getting all the “components” together is truly, by itself, a piece of “art”…^_^

So, here are some pics of the boy in action… Great Job Mommy and HY!!

Note: Some pictures courtesy of parents of one of the Mario Flower. Thanks ^_^

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Happy Teacher’s Day token of appreciation Year 2017

It’s been more than a year since we last posted the plastic spoon dragonfly and formula milk scoop flower souvenirs for the boys’ Teachers’ Day Year 2016.

So for this year, sticking to the same tradition of using recycled materials, Mommy and boys came up with some greeting cards made of wedding thank you cards, plastic bottle covers, decorative buttons, color papers, glittery powder, etc. and of course with a personalised message for each teacher. Moreover, this year is HY’s graduation year and probably the last hand crafted gifts for his beloved preschool teacher… (how time flies.. ^_^)

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