HY’s 6 YO Birthday Cake “Banner”

Months before the actual day, we have been tasting few types of cakes with HY, trying to figure out which is the best pick in terms of the taste for most of the preschool children and the presentation that we want. After some trials, we decided to go for Baked Oreo Cheese Cake.

Initially, we are expecting a taller cake for this celebration. Therefore, Mommy had prepared the “Banner” on the cake but when we got the cake, her heart sank as the width of the banner is even greater than the height of the cake. So, alas, the banner ended up on the cake stand (anyways, things still look and taste good 😊)

Well, the banner is made of ribbon and the words are made of clay. If you notice, rainbow colors were used, i.e. ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). Actually this means a lot to Mommy as HY is our “Rainbow Baby”, hence the choice of color.

Wishing you a happy and memorable 6th birthday, Son!

Love.. Papa and Mommy…

Ready to be lit and blown!!

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