Mid Autumn Festival 2017 – Hand Made Lantern

Last year the boys and Mommy decorated and transformed lanterns bought from Mr DIY into some cartoon character like Totoro, Minion and 月兔/玉兔 a.k.a Moon Rabbit.

This year around, Mommy tried to make a Lantern from scratch, i.e. from iron wire, transparent color paper and paint… although the result was not really up to par, it was still fully functional in the sense of being able to hold up a lighted candle during the stroll in the park… anyway, Mommy vowed to make a better one next year… Ganbatte!!

Anyway, to be safe (and practical for kids below 6 as they are lanterns were battery powered), the Totoro, Minion and the Moon Rabbit latterns were still the favorites for ZY, XY and HY respectively (surprisingly, the lanterns were still in good condition). ZY, who was less than 2 years old, treated her lantern like a “Ball”.. literally a ball which she could throw and kick!!! 😄😄😄 There was an uncle nearby who saw this just couldn’t stop laughing …

So, here you go.. the lantern in the making…

Completed lantern posing with her “Predecessors”…



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