Letter to Santa Clauses Across the Globe

Lately I’ve been seeing some christmas trees in shopping malls, signifying the festive season is just around the corner.. in fact, Black Friday sale has juz ended hours ago… So I guess now is the best time to post this…

Well, for the kids, trying to get their wish list known by the most generous person in the world, Santa, they started sending the letters to as many of them as possible across the globe… hoping one of them would actually notice them ^_^… one as far as North Pole and the other as near as Hong Kong…. (shared by others in social media… just for the fun of it.. ^_^ especially HOHOHO town/postcode?? )


Of course, the letters are filled with some creativity and personal touch of mommy and every kid in the house… including their finger prints…

Snowmen created from sea shells and finger prints…


Colourful Tapes, Ribbon, and Baking Paper…

And a mixture of different elements… (buttons, glittery glue, ribbon, beads)

Last but not least.. their personalized messages a.k.a wish list…



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