Reply from Santa!!!

Wow.. this is Unbelievable!!!! We just can’t believe our eyes when we receive a letter from the man behind the white beard.. Santa himself!! All the way from France!!!

If you wonder how come Santa knows where we are living, check out this post where the boys were so excited posting tens of letters to Santa all over the globe!! ^_^

Well, someone just told us Santa Claus does not exist and he is not real.. logically, I would agree with him but ideally, I beg to differ… and I guess my ideal has come true this time…

Thanks Santa for listening…!

Back of the Letter, all in French except Santa Claus (guess that’s a universal Name)
Front of Letter… MALAISIE is Malaysia in French…
Quite an interesting script.. ^_^
Nowadays Santa also plays with iPad/Note… 🙂 Did Santa created the Magical App?

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