Christmas Deco @ Home 2017

It’s the time of the year when the air is filled with festive songs, shopping malls are competing to become the best decorated malls to lure shoppers from all over the world and the social media is posted with “survival” skills (e.g. how to eat right, what to tell your kids when the elves didn’t move last night, where to get the best deals in town for Christmas present etc.)

In order to join the fun, we have decided the decorate the same old wall (used for Chinese New Year deco in the very first post of this blog) with colorful ornaments and also “drawings” of the boys…

The ornaments were made of Air Dry Clay, mostly hand crafted by Mommy and colored by the boys using Acrylic Paint (with Mommy’s help of course 😊)… you can check out the materials used at VC-Art (Bandar Dato’ Onn Aeon, JB) or hit up their FB page… in overall, the clay is of good quality as it is non sticky, easy to shape, air dried & no residue on hands after washing…it was quite fun too as it reminded me of playing with the Plasticine when I was a kid… 😅


Meanwhile the boys also “drew” the snowman, house, stars, etc. on the “scratch paper”… it is actually a colorful paper with an overlay of black “carbon surface”.. so when the boys scratched that particular surface with a chopstick, the “carbon” was removed, hence showing the color underneath it..

HY’s Christmas Tree, Presents, Snowman…
XY’s BIG Family… with the Snowman (Try to find all 5 of us.. ^_^)

Lastly the Christmas Tree, being the most “vulnerable” at the staircase (it suffered free fall from the stairs when ZY tossed it down 😂), was made of used hand towel roll, used cup from Royal Tea milk tea, color paper, ribbon and some double sided tape.. basically it’s a reused product… 😊

THE Christmas Tree…

And last but not least, all the beautiful ornaments and everything else…

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