CNY 2018 Home Deco & 2nd Blog Anniversary

Same Wall of Fame, same string, same pegs…. different year, different zodiac, different mood… This wall has been the art corner of our home for 2 years… first featured in the CNY2016 Art & Deco post in the year of Monkey (also the first post of this blog), subsequently in Minifury’s Art & Craft Blog’s 1 Year Anniversary (CNY 2017 Artwork) post in the year of Rooster and now in the year of Dog. Guess pictures speak louder than words…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This year, most of them are made of red packets a.k.a. ang pow, paper plates, color/foam papers and some buttons for the eyes…

Some contributions from the school… the “red firecrackers” from XY and “lantern” from HY…


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