Birthday & V’day Card 2018

I’m starting to feel a bit rusty, celebrating my birthday for the 34th time in my life 🙂 However, it gets more and more meaningful each year with the new designs / theme of the Birthday Card cum Valentine’s Day Card! This year, it’s 3 festivities at the same time, i.e. CNY 2018 + Valentine’s + Birthday…

This year’s design revolves around beads… mainly the PYSSLA beads from IKEA… with some help from the boys… with Mommy’s guidance, HY made the star deco while Mommy personalized the heart (with a subtle 10 to signify more 10 years to come ^_^).. Love it!

The other thing I like about the card is the love button (bought from Kaison) on the front cover with a lace to seal the card nicely… It keeps all the stuffs in the cards snugly positioned…

Last but not least, the message which carries our vows / contributions to each other and our small family of 5, melts my heart and definitely made my day…

Thanks my dear and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too…



Papa CH…

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