Pencil case making Contest

Everything started off with a piece of Ninjago Coloring Sheet, downloaded from internet to keep the boys occupied when we need a time off… little did we know a boy as active as XY would spend all his time, sitting in the study room alone, completing all the sheets by himself (sometimes with additional sound effect like Ninjago song or some catchy dialogues from the show).. then he would be really proud of himself when we hang his masterpiece on the wall, and keeps begging for more..

So, with his interest in coloring, we thought of finding some contest / events to try it out.. coincidently, his school is organizing a contest, competing among all Smart Reader Kids in JB area and without much thought of what is the contest is all about we signed up..

Well, there is still some element of coloring but the main focus of the competition is to make a pencil case out of recycled goods (in conjunction with Earth Day)… so mommy need to crack her head to find the materials and designing the pencil case for XY!!

To make it possible for XY to produce the final product by himself on the actual day of the competition, Mommy had separated all the pre-cut materials into different document sleeves with labels.. therefore XY’s main task was to color his favourite ninjago characters and stick the rest of it together to make it a recycled pencil case…

Well, the rule of the competition is to do it by themselves and mommy is not allowed to offer any help during the event. So, XY and mommy had done some trial sessions at home to get used to the flow of making the pencil case while mommy observed & simplified ways to maximize XY’s capability to complete the tasks & produce the end product all by himself.

Below are the steps to make a DIY recycled Pencil Case…

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  1. Glue the mineral water bottle cap with sharpener to the Starbucks cup with cover
  2. Glue the recycled sponge to the Yam Yam bottle
  3. Slot in the rubber band from inside of the Starbucks cup’s bottom, secure with masking tapes
  4. Color ninjago & paste on the Yam Yam bottle
  5. Slot in the wleeves of an old shirt as the cover of the Starbucks cup
  6. Attach a pocket from an old jeans on the cover, as the scissors holder
  7. Put the Yam Yam bottle into the the Starbucks cup, it as different compartments to store the stationaries

Other materials used:-

White glue, Velcro, rubber band, scissors, color pencils

Here are some pics of the end product by all the contestants, the medal that XY received as well as the group picture at the end of the event (try to spot XY there 😉)…IMG_6634-2IMG_6636IMG_4816-2.jpgIMG_6693

Well, it was quite sad that mommy and XY did not bag any of the the first 3 trophy after the efforts put in.. however we are so proud of XY for successfully completing all the tasks by himself on that day.. he was a bit pressured though but he managed to pull through without giving up..

I guess this competition has taught him that it’s ok to not be the best but trying his best is what matters… besides it also sets the stage for a bigger competition in future.. also, kudos to mommy for all the hard work she has poured in to make it possible for XY to be part of this event.. one of the firsts in his life.. and hopefully many more to come…


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