Yamaha JXC1 Concert Souvenir

Like all previous concerts in HY’s Yamaha class, each kid needs to prepare a gift for exchange… in addition, it has become a tradition to also give everyone a souvenir, which turns out to be the perfect excuse to engage the boys with some art work…

Again, IKEA’s PYSSLA beads were chosen to be the material of choice this time around for its bright colors and durability… besides, it’s akin to building lego bricks for the boys.. To make it more practical, mommy made it into a bookmark…

Note: The one with a knot on top is for the music teacher…

Now talking about gifts from his classmates… It’s better than Chritsmas’ gift exchange.. 🙂

All the goodies from HY’s classmates…
Home made biscuit from Yii’s Mom.. Yummy!!!
Some special gift from Sniggles?
DIY “collage” game…
Peppa Pig snacks.. really handy to keep the little ones (Didi and Mei Mei) occupied throughout the session… 😛
Reward from Music Teacher… for every performer for the day.. everyone has really done so well..
Best of all.. the special reward for the MC.. really proud of HY to voluntarily become the concert MC…

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