Gifts for Teacher’s Day 2018


This is the 3rd Teacher’s Day post I’m posting since the birth of this blog! Wow how time flies..
1st in Year 2016, it was the formula milk spoon flowers + plastic spoon dragonflies.. feel free to view them here and here.. 2nd in Year 2017, it was the xxx which u can view it here…

Now in Year 2018, this is the first Teacher’s Day in HY’s primary school and the 3rd for XY in his preschool.. This time around, the use of laminator was roped in to make XY’s bookmarks more durable and long lasting, which actual intrigued the boys (Err.. I mean the laminating machine itself 😂)..

OK.. for HY, again IKEA’s PYSSLA beads were used to make bookmarks for his teachers… Of course he did the assembly and mommy did the ironing.. once completed, mommy pasted them on a color papers… finally a knot was tied on top corner using the small rope…

Well for XY’s gift, some stamping using the sponge (pre-cutting in different shapes) to create the flower petals / leaves / butterfly wings of the bookmarks. Needless to say, this was the most exciting part of the whole process… 😜😆🤣 subsequently there were some drawing and coloring involved, the outline… once this is through, the cards were handed over to Mommy for lamination and some final touch up…

So here you go.. the end product!

“Rainbow for my Perfect Class Teacher”, said HY
“Flowers for all my Beautiful Teachers”, said XY



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