Let’s start off with some introduction of ourselves as proud parents of 3 little monsters, aged 5, 3 and 1 this year. My wife is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) who loves anything from pre to post natal stuffs, arts and crafts (the essence of this blog), parenting blogs/posts, etc.

Why “Minifury”? Inspired by our only and youngest Daughter’s wrath when she is hungry 😄… As well as this nickname has been my wife’s first that she uses in the cyber world…

Will post more on the arts and crafts we do at home with the kids to share our ideas with whoever is finding something to keep their little monsters busy at home. All the products are either inspired by other posts / guides / tutorials / lessons learnt from other online sources. Of course, thus far, nothing is for sale (if you think some products are worth buying, do let us know :).. would really appreciate it)

That’s about it for an intro. Hope you would love this page.


Papa “BlackDevil”


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