Mini Garden @ Home… Part 2

In addition to the plants in “Mini Garden @ Home…” post, more plants have flourished in our garden (after rounds of soil replacement and continuous effort from Mommy and her mom to revive the garden)…

Basil transplant in progress…
Anyone has any idea what is this?
Pandan Leave
Juicy Pineapple in the making… 
“Visitor” a.k.a. Ladies’ Finger destroyer

HY’s 6 YO Birthday Cake “Banner”

Months before the actual day, we have been tasting few types of cakes with HY, trying to figure out which is the best pick in terms of the taste for most of the preschool children and the presentation that we want. After some trials, we decided to go for Baked Oreo Cheese Cake.

Initially, we are expecting a taller cake for this celebration. Therefore, Mommy had prepared the “Banner” on the cake but when we got the cake, her heart sank as the width of the banner is even greater than the height of the cake. So, alas, the banner ended up on the cake stand (anyways, things still look and taste good 😊)

Well, the banner is made of ribbon and the words are made of clay. If you notice, rainbow colors were used, i.e. ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). Actually this means a lot to Mommy as HY is our “Rainbow Baby”, hence the choice of color.

Wishing you a happy and memorable 6th birthday, Son!

Love.. Papa and Mommy…

Ready to be lit and blown!!

Goodie Bag for HY’s Friends @ Smart Reader

It is almost like every child’s dream to be celebrating their birthday in kindergarten, in the presence of all his/her beloved teachers and friends… More so for those who are graduating soon…

So, for our boy who was celebrating his “once in a lifetime” birthday party in his preschool, he asked for goodie bags to be distributed to his classmates.. So, Mommy made some clay ornaments attached to the clips and went to some wholesale stores nearby to buy some snacks and stationery for his friends…

Here are some behind the scene pictures while preparing the gifts for his friends, of course with Mommy’s help and …… a little help / moral support from his sister… LOL

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Pandan Leave “Rose”

Pandan Leaves are known to have a special effect to shoo away bugs and insects… and it also comes with pleasant scent as a freshener for our bathroom…

So, instead of plainly putting some leaves in the house, mommy has created some “roses” out of it.. as a deco + all the other great things this plant can offer… 🙂

File 8-9-17, 12 57 58

Yamaha JMC4 Concert & Gifts

Like all JMC concerts, gift exchange a.k.a party time always take centerstage for the kids.. 🙂 This time around, HY and Mommy had explored clays for the bookmark (almost similar to JMC 3 Souvenirs by using recycled ice cream sticks) to mimic the lego bricks by using a mould while handcrafted the others.. due to the quality of some of the clays, the results are not as good as expected (need longer time to cure) but still acceptable…

As usual one special one for the teacher while the rest for HY’s “comrades”…

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Mini Garden @ Home…

Ever since our main tree (which came with the house planted by MBJB – the town council) was “massively” trimmed, its surrounding’s flowers start to bloom and leaves start to grow… not sure this is because without the shade, all these plants a.k.a. vegetables get their fair share of sunlight OR due to the reduced production rate of the big guy, the nutrients absorbed by the big tree has been significantly lowered…

In any case, it’s mainly good news for the vegetables when the big guy went for his “army hair cut” (except we don’t get to enjoy its shade anymore)… and here are some of the results…

Basil Leaves


Indian Borage a.k.a Mexican Mint
Curry Leaves


(Super Mario) Yamaha Annual Concert 2017

After 2 months of preparing the props, rehearsing the dance moves on every alternative weekends, the day has finally arrived for the kids to perform live on stage for Yamaha Annual Concert 2017… The prop/costume is none other than the SuperMario Cheep Cheep,  sewn to perfection by Mommy after a few rounds of feedback from HY and after a burning the mightnight oil for almost a week…

The costume is thoughtfully matched with red long sleeved shirt (with felt to mimic the tummy of the fish ^_^), long white pants (after searching high and low for it, we finally bought it in Uniqlo), yellow gloves (bought from Daiso in AEON after failing to find any at nearby school uniform shops) & white school shoes.. Getting all the “components” together is truly, by itself, a piece of “art”…^_^

So, here are some pics of the boy in action… Great Job Mommy and HY!!

Note: Some pictures courtesy of parents of one of the Mario Flower. Thanks ^_^

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