Fathers’ Day 2016 Gift

This is the 5th time I’m celebrating this special day. During these 5 years, I’ve been “promoted” another 2 times, thanks to Mommy for those “gifts”!

On the day I reach home from work, my eldest boy who made this gift with his bro XY and Mommy, smiled from ear to ear and told me “Papa, I have a surprise for you 😊”. They have been keeping this a secret for quite some time already and I can sense the relief in my his tone that he can finally disclose this secret. 😄

All in all, I love this year’s gift and would display it on my working desk so that I would be reminded of all of them at home  (especially when the going gets tough).

Thank you dearest Mommy and my beloved children.




Hair Band and Accessories Gifts

Mommy has always wanted to dress up the little girl at home, even before she was born. All those tiny little cute dresses displayed in malls were so tempting to her even when she only had 2 boys at home at that point in time.

Finally, with our prayers heard, now Mommy has all the reason in the world to buy or make some accessories / dresses for her.

So here comes the head band as a start. Probably followed by shoes and dresses for her. Mommy, Aja Aja Fighting!!

Below are some hair bands, hair clips and even key chain for the daughter of her friends as a token of appreciation..

Lessons from Art Teacher… Our SAHM 😄

When I was a boy, school holidays were the best days of my life. I got to laze around at home, doing nothing but playing the video games, spending almost half a day at the playground no matter how hot the sun may be.

Now as a parent, we kinda dread this period of our children 😅, if we have no plans for them. So prior to this, we have to schedule some “Long lasting” activities for them.

So since I’m out of action this holidays due to work, it is 3 vs. 2 (in normal situation, it’s 3 vs. 3 if my Mom-in-law is around). So our SAHM had some plans for her survival 😄. It’s none other than the art work to trigger their creativity and to occupy their free time.

Before the sessions, we would all collect some nice leaves with exquisite patterns during our evening walk. Mommy also had to prepare the Color paper cutouts for the boys to paste it during the sessions.

At the end, Mommy survived and even came out with some very nice art work with them. Bravo Mommy! 👍🏻

Something from our 5 year old boy….

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Something from our 3 year old boy…

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