Magnetic Birthday Card for Ah Ma

Come early June is the 65th birthday of my Mother a.k.a. the Kids’ Ah Ma… Since their Ah Ma stays quite a distance from us, about 300 km away and we couldn’t be with her for the celebration, we decided to send something to her instead. 

So I recommended to make Ah Ma a birthday card and send her by post. Then since Mother loves to stick pictures and souvenirs on the fridge, Mommy made a magnetic card with the boys from recycled stuffs. 

One funny thing happened when our eldest boy HY wrote the names of all the children. We expected him to write at least the given name in full but instead he wrote the abbreviated version in a flash before we could even finish our instruction to him 😅. 

Anyway, materials used for the home made card:

  1. Ice cream sticks, water colour (for finger prints on the ice cream sticks)
  2. Felt cloth (for the cake)
  3. Foam paper (happy bday alphabets)
  4. Decorative stones
  5. White & hot glue
  6. Beads & fine wire (dragonfly) 


A4 Paper Box Shopping Cart

The weekend is here again! Normally we would spend our time to replenish our provision in hypermarts / shopping malls with those big shopping carts/trolleys with the boys in tow… In order to keep them in sight, we would let them stay in the shopping carts / let them be the ones to push the shopping cart instead of letting them roam the mall..

Well, this weekend is a little different where we create something new for the kids from “trash” 🙂 We decided to make the kids customized (varied height) shopping carts for them to pretend play.

It costs us about RM20 for the 2 shopping carts’ wheels and PVC pipes… Here are the brief steps on how to make this simple cart:

  1. Prepare an A4 Paper Box (obviously.. ^_^), cable ties, cable tie cutter, 1/2″ PVC Pipe and Elbow, a set of wheels (4 pcs), masking tapes and saw.
  2. Tape the surroundings of the box to strengthen the box
  3. Mark the holes for the wheels. Then create the holes with a screwdriver or anything pointy.
  4. Fix the wheels with cable tie
  5. Measure the required height for the handle of the cart
  6. Saw the PVC pipe according to the desired length
  7. Tie the PVC pipe to the box with cable tie.

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Voila! That’s it. Took us about 1 1/2 hours to complete 2 carts (including some minor distraction from the kids 🙂 And here is 2 contended boys with the new shopping cart (keeping our fingers crossed this can last more than 1 week) and their homemade sling bags (one of mommy’s product too :))


JMC2 Concert Souvenirs 

In Yamaha Junior Music Courses (JMC Primary 2 to be specific for children aged 4-5 years old), there would be a concert by the little boys and girls to perform what they have learnt for the whole term. I think this is such a great opportunity for the students to showcase their newly acquired skills, to feel appreciated and encouraged to do better, mastering their performance skills (or least be exposed to stage performance), etc. 

At the end of the concert would be Parents Teacher Meeting. One thing that the teacher said about learning Music is letting our child learn another universal “language”, which I fully agree. She also mention how powerful and sensitive the hearing sense of the children of this age, which we should capitalise on now.

So as a parent, I think Yamaha JMC class is something worth investing in (I was previously from the ABRSM education system and I notice the focus is rather different).

Hey, let’s come back to the art work our boy had done with his Mommy! 😊

After every concert there would be a gift exchange session and for this term, HY decided to give an extra something to all his friends and beloved teacher. So here you go, “musical instruments”. 👏🎊🎉

Materials used:

  1. Ice Cream Stick
  2. Decorative Stones
  3. Glittery Glue
  4. Felt
  5. Cotton Buds
  6. White Glue
  7. Colored Wire
  8. Small wrappers


Formula Milk Scoop Flower

In addition to the Plastic Spoon Dragonfly, HY also prepared some “flowers” for his teachers…

Just to share the materials used:

  1. Formula Milk Scoop (obviously… :)) for the stem
  2. Foam paper for the petals and leaves
  3. Glittery Glue
  4. Ribbons
  5. Color paper for the card
  6. White & Hot Glue

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Plastic Spoon Dragonfly


This is one of the gifts that HY has made for his teachers on Super Fun Day (that’s what they call it when they have a day dedicated for… well, FUN!). Every Fun Day is celebrated with a theme and tomorrow is the Super Fun Day (Teachers’ Day).. So this is a little token of appreciation for his beloved teachers… 🙂


  1. Ice Cream Sticks
  2. Spoons from fast food restaurant
  3. Decorative stones
  4. White Glue
  5. Eyes for the dragonfly

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HomeMade Cincau Soya Bean

Yummy… It’s always so refreshing to have something cool after a long day of work!!

Thanks Mommy for such wonderful treat everyday…

  1. Soak the beans to soften them
  2. Use Hurom slow juicer to crush the beans and “harvest” the juice
  3. Boil the produce
  4. Add in some brown sugar / “gula Melaka”
  5. Add in some nice bouncy cincau
  6. Serve it cold / warm 🙂

Egg Carton Flowers for Teachers

Nowadays, when we make something for eldest kid, HY, we also have to crack our head for the second one, XY.

Time really flies and now XY is attending kindergarten with his elder brother, HY and on this special occasion – Teacher’s Day – we had to also get XY to do something for his teacher. 🙂

So, here you go, flowers made of the following:

  1. Egg Carton
  2. Ice Cream Sticks
  3. White Glue
  4. Coloured wires
  5. Water Colour