MORE Replies from Santa…

Wow, after I posted Reply from Santa and Letters to Santa Clauses across the globe I didn’t expect to receive even more from the couple from Mistletoe Mountain.. In fact, just today, we got a reply from Drobak, Norway and North Pole (hmm.. the postmen are still in Christmas mood.. ^_^)

Such heart warming experience to receive all these feedback from Santa.. guess it’s more like our (the parents’) dreams come true…

Letters from Drobak, Norway and North Pole

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Letters from Indiana, Canada, Hong Kong and Austria. Austria is the one from Heaven.. ^_^


Batik Painting

This is the second time the kids were doing batik painting.. They had more fun mixing the color than painting it actually… ^_^ that explains why they end result is a tad too colourful… hahaha

Batik painting, as mentioned in the dictionary, is a “method (originally used in Java) of producing coloured designs on textiles by dyeing them, having first applied wax to the parts to be left undyed”… We ordered this online, stating our desired design… and then it was posted to us by mail, together with the dye…

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HY’s Llyod… (Perhaps…^_^)
XY’s Jay (I suppose… ^_^)
ZY’s butterfly


Christmas Deco @ Home 2017

It’s the time of the year when the air is filled with festive songs, shopping malls are competing to become the best decorated malls to lure shoppers from all over the world and the social media is posted with “survival” skills (e.g. how to eat right, what to tell your kids when the elves didn’t move last night, where to get the best deals in town for Christmas present etc.)

In order to join the fun, we have decided the decorate the same old wall (used for Chinese New Year deco in the very first post of this blog) with colorful ornaments and also “drawings” of the boys…

The ornaments were made of Air Dry Clay, mostly hand crafted by Mommy and colored by the boys using Acrylic Paint (with Mommy’s help of course 😊)… you can check out the materials used at VC-Art (Bandar Dato’ Onn Aeon, JB) or hit up their FB page… in overall, the clay is of good quality as it is non sticky, easy to shape, air dried & no residue on hands after washing…it was quite fun too as it reminded me of playing with the Plasticine when I was a kid… 😅


Meanwhile the boys also “drew” the snowman, house, stars, etc. on the “scratch paper”… it is actually a colorful paper with an overlay of black “carbon surface”.. so when the boys scratched that particular surface with a chopstick, the “carbon” was removed, hence showing the color underneath it..

HY’s Christmas Tree, Presents, Snowman…
XY’s BIG Family… with the Snowman (Try to find all 5 of us.. ^_^)

Lastly the Christmas Tree, being the most “vulnerable” at the staircase (it suffered free fall from the stairs when ZY tossed it down 😂), was made of used hand towel roll, used cup from Royal Tea milk tea, color paper, ribbon and some double sided tape.. basically it’s a reused product… 😊

THE Christmas Tree…

And last but not least, all the beautiful ornaments and everything else…

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Reply from Santa!!!

Wow.. this is Unbelievable!!!! We just can’t believe our eyes when we receive a letter from the man behind the white beard.. Santa himself!! All the way from France!!!

If you wonder how come Santa knows where we are living, check out this post where the boys were so excited posting tens of letters to Santa all over the globe!! ^_^

Well, someone just told us Santa Claus does not exist and he is not real.. logically, I would agree with him but ideally, I beg to differ… and I guess my ideal has come true this time…

Thanks Santa for listening…!

Back of the Letter, all in French except Santa Claus (guess that’s a universal Name)
Front of Letter… MALAISIE is Malaysia in French…
Quite an interesting script.. ^_^
Nowadays Santa also plays with iPad/Note… 🙂 Did Santa created the Magical App?

A Promise and A Gift to a Friend…

We got to know this wonderful family from Butterworth during a camp nearby our place last year.. being our first time meeting each other then, perhaps by pure fate, our friendship quickly blossomed.. we kept in touch and promised to meet up in a year’s time after we parted our ways….

In a blink of an eye, one year has passed and it’s time for us to drive all the way from JB to Butterworth (~ 700km, with 3 monsters in tow, spread into 2 days…) and to spice up things a little bit, we prepared some rock painting as souvenirs..

Well, here are some behind the scenes pictures…


Finally our little pebbles have found their new home… Wish to see you guys (our baby artwork and of course our friends, i.e. M, LY, HJ and TF) again… ^_^


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Letter to Santa Clauses Across the Globe

Lately I’ve been seeing some christmas trees in shopping malls, signifying the festive season is just around the corner.. in fact, Black Friday sale has juz ended hours ago… So I guess now is the best time to post this…

Well, for the kids, trying to get their wish list known by the most generous person in the world, Santa, they started sending the letters to as many of them as possible across the globe… hoping one of them would actually notice them ^_^… one as far as North Pole and the other as near as Hong Kong…. (shared by others in social media… just for the fun of it.. ^_^ especially HOHOHO town/postcode?? )


Of course, the letters are filled with some creativity and personal touch of mommy and every kid in the house… including their finger prints…

Snowmen created from sea shells and finger prints…


Colourful Tapes, Ribbon, and Baking Paper…

And a mixture of different elements… (buttons, glittery glue, ribbon, beads)

Last but not least.. their personalized messages a.k.a wish list…


Mid Autumn Festival 2017 – Hand Made Lantern

Last year the boys and Mommy decorated and transformed lanterns bought from Mr DIY into some cartoon character like Totoro, Minion and 月兔/玉兔 a.k.a Moon Rabbit.

This year around, Mommy tried to make a Lantern from scratch, i.e. from iron wire, transparent color paper and paint… although the result was not really up to par, it was still fully functional in the sense of being able to hold up a lighted candle during the stroll in the park… anyway, Mommy vowed to make a better one next year… Ganbatte!!

Anyway, to be safe (and practical for kids below 6 as they are lanterns were battery powered), the Totoro, Minion and the Moon Rabbit latterns were still the favorites for ZY, XY and HY respectively (surprisingly, the lanterns were still in good condition). ZY, who was less than 2 years old, treated her lantern like a “Ball”.. literally a ball which she could throw and kick!!! 😄😄😄 There was an uncle nearby who saw this just couldn’t stop laughing …

So, here you go.. the lantern in the making…

Completed lantern posing with her “Predecessors”…